…wires &c.


Hi Aurelio,
Proper wire dressing is an art form. Improper wire dressing is more the rule than the exception.
There are competitions, I think there’s one at CES, iirc.
A good buddy of mine is a fiber-optics system engineer and he has some funny stories along those lines.
I learned a fair bit about wire dressing from a couple of guys I worked with in the SCAD film and video dept.
One did that sort of work for Microsoft back in the 90s and the other, in retrospect, is probably the best I’ve seen.
They were both fonts of knowledge and know-how, on many levels, so my learning curve was more like a spike.
(I sort of fudged my way into that job, I had some operational engineering experience, but I was a bit under qualified, at first.
plus, I’m left-handed, dyslexic and was never mechanically inclined — I always seem to go for jobs that I’m not qualified, credentialed
or even capable of performing and then just immerse myself, fumble through, master it, get bored, move on, repeat.)
We all had started working there within months of each other and found that we had inherited a ridiculous kludge of wiring nightmare,
it was like something between Pollock and Giger in wire. Eventually, we worked it all out and left pure functional elegance in its place.
Before that, I was a master control operator for a TV station.
The engineer did not practice good discipline. It was indecipherable.
I wish I had some photos.

be seeing you,