aleppo, syria

(click to see at flickr)

…found the photo for this drawing in the March ‘09 issue of Monocle. Roderick Aichinger is the photographer. I wrote to Monocle (Rose Percy: photo-editor) & Roderick asking to use the photo for a drawing, both gave me their blessing & here’s the result.

…& my last e-mail from Roderick reads:

“Hi Aurelio,

This was the very first building that attracted my attention while driving into town from the airport at 4am in the morning.
I didn’t shoot it until the very last day. I had a hard time finding the building and basically reconstructed the route from the airport to the hotel with my guide.
Aleppo is mainly known for its Citadel and old town, but features amazing modernist architecture from the 1930s up to the 50s. – as an untouched ensemble!
Unfortunately the qualities are hidden under a layer of dust and dirt; concealed by numerous AC-units and satellite antennas.
This building is from this era.

Check out the new issue – I went pirate hunting for monocle!
All the very best from Hamburg,


Thank you Rose Percy & Roderick Aichinger!

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