artaud addenda

(click on pages for a closer look)


“The death that ‘I’ am provokes horror, there is a choking sensation that does not separate inside from outside but draws them, the one into the other, indefinitely.  Artaud is the inescapable witness of that torture—of that truth.”Julia Kristeva (Powers of Horror)


“…Artaud saw things differently, so we label him insane and dust off our hands.” –Hectocotylus


The pages above were found thrown below the Tapeian Rock & apparently torn from Artaud’s 50 Drawings to Murder Magic.


The 1st page reads: “They are not drawings they figure nothing, disfigure nothing, are not there to contruct build institute a world even an abstract one.  They are notes, words, pier-glasses, because they are ardent, corrosive, incisive thrown forth by who knows what submaxillar subspatular whirlwind of vitriol, they are there as if nailed down and doomed no more…”  Artaud’s nail holes can, in fact, be seen on/in the page.  The other 3 pages are a small sample of all the abject-objects.



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