letters from the tarpeian rock



(click on each page to read)


“It is not familiarity with Rimbaud that shows through in what I am doing; the similarity is there because I have identical preoccupations.” –Antonin Artaud


“Glittering above the hospital walls sits an unknown presence…”



The letters were found on the The Tarpeian Rock.


…letters 1-16 are from The Absence of Myth: Writings on Surealism by Georges Bataille on Antonin Artaud.

…letters 17-24 are from a Dr. M Tarpein describing Artaud’s asylum care.

…letters 25-30 are from a Dr. M Latremoliere also describing Artaud’s care.


Note: It is clear that the handwriting will not be an easy read, this should serve as metaphor for how difficult they were to procure.  Hectocotylus, thank you for the blueprints, we have “eaten well.”


Aurelio Madrid



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