a grammar of botany

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Pages from the First American Lithographically Illustrated Book

(note: hyperlink is not the 1822 American edition)

SMITH, JAMES EDWARD. A Grammar of Botany, Illustrative of Artificial, as well as Natural Classification with an Explanation of Jussieu’s System. To which is added, a Reduction of All the Genera Contained in the Catalogue of North American Plants…by the Late Henry Muhlenberg. New York: James V. Seaman, 1822. 1st American edition. 8vo. 281 pp. 21 full page lithographic plates.

Shoemaker, 10296. Bennett, U.S. Color Plate Books, p. 99: “Though of English origin, this printing is an American production through and through. The last paragraph to this American edition states: -‘The publisher feels a becoming gratification in informing the readers of the work that the beautiful and appropriate drawings which so highly embellish it are specimens of American lithography. They are from the pencil of Mr. Stansbury and were executed at the lithographic press of Barnet and Doolittle of this city.'” Despite the inclusion in Bennett, the plates are (as here) usually found in black & white. The first botanical book published in America with lithographic illustrations; in fact, “The first American book illustrated with plates prepared by pure lithography…” –Wolfe, American Medical Botany, p. 54.”

…above info. found at the following link. You can also purchase the book here: http://www.msrarebooks.com/4DCGI/w_BookDetailS/16698


(Table 20. figs. 254. Blakea Trinervis a. Stamens b. Some of the same separate c. Outer and inner calyx with the pistil 255. Lythrum Salicaria a. Calyx and style b. Petals and stamens showing their insertion into the calyx c. Pistil separate 256. Rosa Spinosisslma 257. Fruit of the same a. Seed 258. Sibbaldia Procumbens a. Back of the calyx  b. Petal  c. Stamen  d. One of the Pistils 259. Fraguria Vesca a. Ripe fruit 260. Spiraea Filipendula a. Petal 6 Stamen c. One of the pistils 261. Prunus Cerasus a. Drupa 262. Viminuria Denudatu (?) a. Stamens all distinct b. Pistil c. Legume and permanent calyx 263. Astragalus Hypogluttis a Stamens and pistil b Legume c. Seed 264. Semecarpus Anacardium a. Barren flower b. Perfect one. 

…from A Grammar of Botany, 1821, not the American edition.)

…info. collected by aurelio madrid

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