vera & timothy


This drawing is from a small photo of my maternal grandparents (Vera Ortiz & Timothy Martinez), probably taken in the early to mid 1940’s somewhere in southern Colorado.  Timothy was about 50 & Vera was in her 20’s.  It’s well known that Grandpa was married at this time & even had a daughter that was older than Grandma.  He had two other children that had since passed away.  A few years after this picture was taken Vera & Tim had 3 daughters & of course this includes my mother.  My mom is not forthcoming on what kind of father he was, my impression is that he was somewhat aloof, but still had contact with his 2nd family.  Grandma was a strong woman who raised the girls on her own without much of his support.  One of my aunts (Stella) went to another family as a child & little is known about her whereabouts now.  Before Grandpa’s 1st wife died, Grandma moved in, to eventually become his 2nd wife & she cared for him till he passed-away in the early 80’s while he was in his 90’s.  Grandma’s still alive, but not able to take care of herself & she lives with her 3rd husband in a nursing home here in Denver.  It’s hard to just write down the facts, given that this was such an unconventional relationship, but it is with great respect that I do.  Both Vera & Tim’s families were frontier-people to Colorado.  They made-up the rules as they went along, had families & faced hardships together.  Their love lasted through the years & they will always be remembered by me, with love.


Aurelio Madrid  

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