62 headlights

May 5, 2008 § 4 Comments



§ 4 Responses to 62 headlights

  • Great work! Who is the artist?

    • aureliomadrid says:

      …these photos are all mine, thanks for asking & thanks for the compliment! I became intriqued with the visual complexity of the headlights & noticed how nicely they photographed. also, I had in mind to draw one or two of these. how did you find me?

      • I forgot how I found your website, but I was very interested because I am trying to launch a new magazine called OTTO ‘about the stuff that moves us’ – cars, bicycles,… and how people interact with them (more info: http://www.ottomagazine.eu). It might be interesting to publish your ‘headlights’ project in OTTO. Are you interested? Please note, however, that the funding of our project is very small, so I could not pay you, but you can be assured that the work would be published in the best possible way and that links to your website(s) would be clearly incorporated. So, while not financially interesting, it might be a good way to showcase your work anyway. What do you think?

      • aureliomadrid says:

        …hey daniel,

        yes, yes! this sounds really cool. the website is super-nice. I can only imagine how sleek the magazine will look. believe-it-or-not I’m a big fan of everything belgium (& holland), I was in antwerp last spring & loved it. just let me know what you want me to do & I’ll do it!

        …my e-mail is: aureliomadrid@yahoo.com

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