freek wambacq


“Wambacq’s work seems to situate itself on an uncertain border, perhaps even a fault-line, between sculpture, architecture and design. His installations frequently consist of subtractive and additive processes, or discreet interventions that alter the existing space. I was also charmed by his laser engravings of the architecture and public sculptures in the Sicilian city Gibellina Nuova on taut red-skinned apples. These portable keepsakes of concrete monuments built on shaky ground – the original Gibellina was destroyed by an earthquake in 1968 – were presented nestled in their cardboard shipping and storage boxes. Over time, decay had transformed the precise drawings: some of them had been absorbed like scars back into the skin, while others had become more distinct. It sounds trite, but in the end those apples helped me to realize that, when it came to the city of Brussels, I had really only started to scratch the surface.”

–Aaron Schuster and Vivian Rehberg @ Freize

Frieze magazine:

Freek Wambacq’s site: 

youTube video of Wambacq’s apples:

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